Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Todays Danish Lesson

Here is something I have learned to read today, but not pronounce.

1 pust i hvert næsebor højst 3 gange daglig i højst 10 dage.

That says, "One push for each nostril not more than 3 times daily for a maximum of 10 days."

Though I have been stifled by a cold, I got myself out of bed today in time to meet several of my new colleagues, see my new office, and partake in some meetings to plan the coming semester. It is going to be a really exciting experience!

And with Carla's new warm headdress we are one styling couple.

Here are some other Danish phrases, which we have learned watching The Simpsons (but have no idea how to pronounce):

Farvel --- Goodbye
Det er løgn. --- You're kidding.
Tja! --- Sure!
Hva'ba' --- Whaaaat?
Kør! --- Run!

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