Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Play our contest and win a Danish prize!

Carla stands in front of the 7 boxes that we are sending tomorrow to Denmark via la poste --- the postal service of France. Answer any of the following questions correctly (or near correctly), and you shall receive a prize from Denmark.
  1. Which box is the heaviest, and how much does it weigh?
  2. Which box is the lightest, and who would have thought?
  3. What are two items in box #2b?
  4. What is the total cost for shipping all seven boxes, and do you take a credit card?
  5. Which box(es) will arrive empty?
  6. Which box(es) will be lost?
  7. Which box(es) will be shipped back to France and lost?
  8. How many pairs of women's shoes are not in all the boxes combined? (i.e., how many pairs of shoes did Carla part with?)
To enter the contest just respond here (in the "post a comment" box below) with your answers to any of the questions above!


  1. #2a is the heaviest weighing 35lbs (how many kilos is that?) it full of books?

    #6 is the lightest (blankets and such...Who would have thought? I would have thought!:> )

    #2b contains kitchen items and a hair straightener (and a nut cracker?)

    The total cost for shipping all those boxes is 200euros, and they do not take credit card (this is France after all!)

    None will arrive empty (unless you shipped one empty)

    I certainly hope none will be lost in the mail nor shipped back to the new tenants at your former apartment in France!

    Carla parted with TWO pairs of shoes (HOW?!?)

    Hope the moving is seamless! Best of luck with your new lives in Denmark! Congrats again on the job, Bobby!


  2. 2a is the heaviest and weighs the limit for shipping, nearly 30 kg.
    box 6 is the lightest. It weighs 10 kg.
    credit cards are accepted, and the cost is nearly 130 euro.
    no box will arrive empty unless you shipped it empty, and you didn't.
    2a is the most likely to be lost, but all boxes will arrive together.
    Being eminently practical, Carla parted with 4 pairs of shoes.
    good luck! - Bernie