Friday, January 15, 2010


Early this morning Carla and I took a trip to our læge (LAI-eh), or our designated doctor. My sickness has not improved, and Carla is now suffering the same symptoms I had five days ago. We appeared with all the necessary papers, and made an appointment for a few hours later. When we were seen by the doctor I told him, "I think I have some bacterial infection (please give me mercy by way of antibiotics)." He checked my throat, my breathing, and my ears. "It is viral, not bacterial. So rest up and you should be better in a few days." Carla will be better in a week, which she is not too happy about. There was no charge for our appointment. For the "sleeme" (the doctor meant to say slime, or more accurately mucous), he suggested "I screw my nose" with a næsehorn:

That attractive Scandinavian woman is indeed using a næsehorn to circulate salt water through her sinuses, and perhaps water a house plant below. She even got her nails done! Of the two colors, I chose blå (blo). We may just have to post a video demonstration.

Leaving the apotek (ah-boa-TAYG) (apothecary) I took this picture of a familiar sight in Copenhagen: dozens of bicycles parked willy-nilly along the sidewalk without anything like a bike rack to help order them. Even though it is 20 ºF and windy, people will bike all over the place.

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