Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our boxes have arrived!

About a week ago we posted a little contest with our possessions going through the mail from Paris to Copenhagen. The eight questions we posed of the seven large boxes were:
  1. Which box is the heaviest, and how much does it weigh?
  2. Which box is the lightest, and who would have thought?
  3. What are two items in box #2b?
  4. What is the total cost for shipping all seven boxes, and do you take a credit card?
  5. Which box(es) will arrive empty?
  6. Which box(es) will be lost?
  7. Which box(es) will be shipped back to France and lost?
  8. How many pairs of women's shoes are not in all the boxes combined? (i.e., how many pairs of shoes did Carla part with?)
And we received TWO entries, each of which are a vinder (VAY-no) (winner). Congratulations Emily N. and Bernie K., you two will receive a special gift sent from Denmark! The correct answers are:
  1. Box 1 was the heaviest at 28 kg, just 2 kg under the maximum permitted weight for mailing international packages. It cost €74.25 to send.
  2. Box 4 was the lightest, which we didn't think since it contained a large Le Creuset bouillabaisse pot.
  3. Box #2b contained our duvet, the crêpe pan, a small frying pan, and an accordion.
  4. The total cost for shipping all seven boxes was €435.75, and thankfully they did take a credit card (which then charged us $28.95 for "foreign transaction fees").
  5. No boxes arrived empty, though some looked like they had seen a lot of action. What were once pretty solid boxes arrived with a pliability like 10-times crumpled newspaper.
  6. No boxes were lost, though the box I sent of my office stuff was delivered to the wrong address, redirected, and finally deposited at the correct place.
  7. Thankfully no boxes were shipped back to France and lost.
  8. Carla brought "oh, I don't know" (too many to count) number of shoes, and parted with 6 (SIX) pairs of shoes.
Thank you both for your entries. Your prizes will be mailed soon!

We were expecting to have to rent a taxi to transport our seven boxes to the apartment from the post office, and then climb the five flights of steep stairs with each box. But luckily, we not only received the packages at our door, the delivery man insisted on helping us bring the boxes up! What a champ, we thought, but do we tip him?

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  1. I knew they would all make it, although I am suprised by the condition of some of them. Still, all is there. I also knew I would win. I like winning. Can't wait for my Denmark thing, whatever it is. Postcards are nice, as are original Berthel Thorvaldsen or Vilhelm Hammershoi pieces. (Shipping on the Thorvaldsen could be quite a bit).