Friday, January 1, 2010

Bonne Année 2010!

We had an excellent time counting down the new year with our best French friends ever, which included a game of Monopoly that became progressively mean and finally nasty.

For dinner, we first had some wonderful smoked salmon with crushed hard boiled eggs, pickles, and little round pieces of bread.

Then we had 48 escargots with little baked potato balls!

And after this we had a wonderful champagne and a lovely (gluten-free) cake that Katie made. Would you believe that to make the icing for that, Katie substituted goat cheese for the cream cheese? It was extremely delicious.

And Carla and I both agree, Katie is a beautiful pregnant lady. Way to go Katie!

So I decided to draw a beautiful picture of Katie to thank her for everything she has done! Thank you Katie!

Happy new year to everyone!

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