Saturday, February 28, 2009

Je suis arrivé!

I have arrived to Paris (Carla will join me in a few short days), and to commemorate this momentous equation I have sat down with a fresh French baguette (pictured) and a nice hunk of Gruyère cheese. Between bites I have also started this "blog" -- or "b" "log"-- which will provide at least several minutes of entertainment each week to friends and family interested in our adventures. Yes, gather 'round to hear some humorous stories of French language abuse, and becoming trapped in public toilets on rainy days. We have ten months to go, so there will certainly be some extremely funny erreurs.

Today I reminisced with my BFF (best French friend) Guillaume about the last time I came to l'aéroport. I had no change for the train to Paris (which does not take bills), so with paper money in my hand I asked several people, "Excuse me, I itch you. I have a problem." You see, "Excusez-moi je vous démange" is very close to the proper "Excusez-moi de vous déranger", which means, "Forgive me for bothering you," and not "Forgive me for itching you." With money in my hand, there is a high probability that each person I asked thought it unecessary for me to add, "I have a problem." Oh well. I made it to Paris on the train, but not before making three trips to the corner store to buy 1 pack of gum with three 10 Euro bills to get enough coins.

À plus tard!