Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our last week in Paris

This week was our last in Paris before starting our lives anew in Copenhagen.

It started on Sunday with our visit to Katie and Olivier's to make a wonderfully large pot of bouillabaisse in Carla's new Le Creuset pot.

On Monday, I was visited by a friend I have known since Stanford about 10 years ago. I showed Hendrik around my lab, and then went to dinner at the lively brassiaire Au Dernier Metro. We would have had him over for dinner, but our apartment was in shambles due to packing and cleaning. Not to mention, ice in the toilet!

On Wednesday evening I organized a "pot" at the lab. On the menu was saucisson with pain (bread), kiwi, chocolate, pêche kir and pastise, fudge, caramels, peppermint bark, and no ones favorite except mine and Carla's, salty licorice. Many people came and before I knew it both bottles of wine were finished.

Here my supervisor Laurent and I stand in front of the world with Europe at head's height.

After the pot, Carla and I went to Guillame and Isabelle's house for an excellent dinner of Boeuf Bourguignon, and a baked apple and nut dessert. Above, it looks like Isabelle tells Guillaume to "parle à le main."
On Thursday we went to the cantine for the last time.

And after lunch we said goodbye to Françoise, the server at the café who remembers everyone's name, and always asks Carla and I how we are doing. When I gave her a box of chocolates for Noël, she came around the counter and kissed me several times on the cheek saying, "C'est très gentil! Merci Bob!"

After lunch, Carla played flute with my labmate François. I had to snap a candid picture because François does not like to be in pictures. (He is the one with his back turned above in front of the Tour Eiffel.) Then after that we went outside of Paris to our friends Claudia and Piéric's apartment for dinner. We got to see their French fixer-upper, which they are handling very bravely considering they both have full-time jobs!

On Friday evening we went one last time to Katie and Olivier's for a taco dinner! Olivier had a cold, but Katie was pregnant!

Here, Olivier poses with a portrait I drew. Of him.

Finally, on Saturday afternoon, after 10 wonderful months in Paris, it was time to return the keys to our apartment to Madame Casano, our landlady at 154 rue Legendre.

Our final lunch in Paris: saucisson and baguette, apples, kiwi, walnuts, and a citron tarte topped by meringue. All in a very cold room.

And finally, on the metro to the airport. Will we ever eat good bread again? Are we going to be even colder in Copenhagen? Stay tuned!

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