Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mom! Dad! I'm on Swan Fungus!

I am on Swan Fungus! They reviewed my CD, and even filed it under "collector's slum." And to top it all off, they have ripped the CD and made it freely available. I have finally been pirated.

A wonderful picture of the rooftops juxtaposed with a coming storm.

Phrase of the day: J'ai ma tête dans mon cul. (Zhay maw tet dan moan cool.) This colorful saying translates literally to, "I have my head in my ass." However (calm down people), what it means is that I am in a confused fog, like when I wake up too early and my eyes are half open, and I am oblivious to everything around me. This is very different from what such a saying means in English. Perhaps I would even call this phrase a faux ami.

Speaking of faux amis, I forgot in my previous post one of the greatest faux amis ever: préservatifs. Before I knew what it meant, if someone in France offered me préservatifs, I would pull out my baguette, toast it, brew some tea, and ask, "What flavor préservatifs?" Or, if I went to the store looking for natural beef, I would ask for some meat sans préservatifs. In both cases I would be incredibly sorely mistaken, since préservatif is a prophylactic.

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