Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Perfect Tuesday Morning

Did you know most of the countries in the EU have daylight savings? Bobby and I did not know this. On Sunday morning, we woke up to find our computers, cell phone, and TV showing the wrong time. "That is odd", we thought. So we turned to our most trusted source of information, a source we turn to often: to settle disputes (Iowa, it turns out, is next to Kansas), find random facts about endangered Red Squirrels, and look for funny photos. The source is Google. So now we know that France moves an hour ahead on the last Sunday of March.

Because of the time change, it's pretty hard for us to wake up in the morning. Well... ok, to be perfectly honest, it is always hard for Bobby and I wake up. We are not morning people. More like afternoon people. But this morning, Bobby got up and ready for work at a reasonable hour!

On Tuesdays and Fridays, there is a marché en plein air (an open air market) on rue Richard Lenoir, blocks away from our apartment. Far from the largest, the Richard Lenoir market offers at least a dozen vegetable and fruit stalls, 4 or 5 fresh seafood stalls, 3 or 4 cheese vendors, a man who only sells potatoes, another vendor selling olives, and an odd assortment of other products. I accompanied Bobby on his walk to the metro and together we bought fresh produce for tonight's stir-fry and some lovely salmon for tomorrow night. I love mornings like this! It is so wonderful to stroll around the market, smelling the ripe fraises (strawberries), marveling over the abundance of seafood, and listening to the vendors yell their specials. It is also great to know you are buying really fresh food from local farmers. Unlike the open markets in Los Angeles, the prices are very reasonable. I bought a pound of fraises for under 1 euros, 4 healthy potatoes for 85 centimes (cents), and a head of broccoli, a zucchini, and a red bell pepper for 2 euros and some change. The total cost of the produce is less than the cost of the tofu I traveled to the 13th arrondissement to buy!

Bon appetit!

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