Friday, March 6, 2009

Mon bureau, pour votre information

I (Bob) have settled into my office, the location of which is pointed to in the figure above. Since the university is undergoing a five-year-long construction project (which has lasted for five years already and will last another five I am told), the research team I am a part of is located in a different location from the university. No qualms from me, however, as le Tour Eiffel is very near; which means I can visit the once-derided "iron suppository" as often as I like -- as long as it does not interfere with my research. And then there is the 1889 World Exposition, to which they are no longer selling any tickets I have been told, malheureusement.

Le mot du jour: pénible. This is a nice way to call someone or something annoying or tiresome or difficult, as in "Tu es pénible." Another way to say the same thing is, "Tu es ennuyeux." (sounds like ahn-way-YOU). A less nice way to say the same thing is "Tu es chiant." Example: "Ce chien est chiant", which means, "That dog is extremely annoying." So much fun we can have now!

Oh, and last night after visiting a bar with friends we watched the pompiers (firemen) put out a blazing fire on the sixth story of an apartment building.

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  1. "Tu me prends la tete" or "Tu me casses les bonbons" also works as well as other similar expressions albeit these contain curse words.