Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chez nous (our home)

For the month of March, Carla and I are fortunate to be staying at the Paris residence of an eminent researcher in computer music -- who is an Associate Professor at McGill University in Montréal, Canada. We are in the 11th arrondisement, which my BFF (best French friend) Guillaume tells me is historically (in the 19th and early 20th centuries) was where many immigrants lived and worked. In fract, in the square in front of our building are the remnants of iron tracks used for a small mining car used to transport heavy items, such as rock, up and down the length of the building (pictured left).

Our large (Paris standards) 35 square meter (377 sq ft) apartment is located on the 3rd floor, which is actually the 4th in non-metric units. We have a nice living room with a great table to be used for Saturday morning brunches with our BFFs.

The bedroom/office is comfortable, and gets a lot of light. (Mr. Seedbottoms can be seen enjoying the luxurious roost after a long flight.)

The relatively thin kitchen is fully equipped with a fridge, oven, and shower.

C'est correct. Il y a une douche en notre cuisine! My BFF tells me that such a thing is not unusual given that this building is very old. All the plumbing is there, so why not make economical use of it. And les toilettes? Our private toilet (pictured below) is outside the apartment and to the right -- also not uncommon in such an old building. Notice the arrow loop, through which "arrows" used to be fired.
Just kidding! That is a picture of the castle toilet in the Tower of London.

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