Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fake Friends

Today's post will introduce the fun to be had with fake friends, or faux amis. They have given us much torture in learning to speak and read French. First we have some real friends. For instance, probablement means probably; immédiatement means immediately; rapidement means rapidly; and évidemment means evident. So what does actuellement mean? Currently, or at this present time. Actuellement, c'est une faux ami.

We have
dîner, which means to have dinner; and we have regarder, which means to regard or watch; and we have quitter which means to quit; there's trembler meaning to tremble; and there's comprendre, which is to comprehend; and tourmenter which is to torment. Hey, this is pretty easy! Then there's attendre, which means to wait. Attendre, c'est une faux ami.

What would you think if I spent 500 euros on a costume? Is it authentic Bozo you ask? No. Un costume is a business suit. Costume,
c'est une faux ami.

I see a sticker in the Metro telling me I should stand up where there is affluence in the carraige. Is this a vestige from the days of kings? No. Affluence means a crowd of people. Affluence,
c'est une faux ami.

We went to a cemetery the other day, and on several headstones there were various things that said souvenir. We thought, how cheap! I wouldn't like it if someone left a pewter Colorado thimble on my grave. Mais non! Souvenir means to remember, not a cheap memento.
Souvenir, c'est une faux ami.

And now for some photos.

Carla is nearly lost in the affluence.

Carla attend pour une photo.

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