Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Public Admission

Dear Carla,

I must admit what I have done. And doing so in a public forum might make the shame real and lasting. On my way to the office this afternoon, at around 4:30, I stopped by a boulangerie and bought myself a single large piece of flan topped with cassis. I bought only one piece of flan, and it was large. And upon arriving to my office, I immediately ate it all up. In fact, I am eating it as I write this. I will not save one single piece -- the flan will not survive the dozen metro stops to our residence. I am scraping the wrapping paper bare now. I will be coming home 0.5 pounds heavier. Tonight, I promise to take you to a boulangerie for the dessert of your choice -- and another for me.

Love ton cornichon.

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