Thursday, April 2, 2009

Le Premier Avril

Here is my BFF Guillaume working at his computer on le premier avril (the first of April). What is that attached to his back? C'est un poisson! (It's a fish!) Guillaume has a fish stuck to his back. Pourquoi donc? (But why?) In France, le premier avril, as in the US, is April Fools Day. French children celebrate this by attaching fish to the backs of their friends, enemies, and frenemies -- as I have done to Guillaume. Now people in the lab are suspicious of me.

It has been over a month since I last surfed, so I was excited to get back into swimming shape by going to a public pool. I bought a set of 10 tickets for 24 euros, which can be used at all public pools in Paris. One must pay careful attention to the proper etiquette, such as the mandatory speedo, swimming cap, and extremely wide nipple distance. After I entered the dressing room to change I saw several women drying their hair. My evolutionary instinct told me to exit and find the door marked Hommes, but Guillaume assured me that, as in Ally McBeal, all sexes share the same room.

The pool is situated near le Tour Eiffel, and on every other breath I could see it out the window. It is a fantastic way to swim! When we exited the building people surrounded us and started taking pictures. We paused, posed, and saw the Eiffel Tower sparkling behind us.

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