Thursday, October 15, 2009

With rapt attention

On Saturday Carla presented the flute at the American Library in Paris to a roomfull of children, some of whom had brought their little recorders. For an entire hour, she held the attention of every last one of them, playing not only the flute and piccolo, but also discussing the history of the flute from its 30,000 year origins in drilled animal bones, to its modern inception in France in the 19th century, as well as the four major epochs of music (baroque, classical, romantic, and modern), and finally the differences between the musical criticism of Theodore Adorno and Virgil Thompson. The children were hanging on every word, and when it came time for questions there were a lot of them! One kid asked, "What was the last period called again? Modern?" Another asked, "Do you know humming birds don't hum!?" And when it was over one child ran up and said he wanted to take up the flute now with the mother reminding him that he has already gone through four other instruments! Well done Carla!

For my birthday I got a new pair of house shoes! Thanks Dale! I also received a nice care package from Sharon with coarse ground coffee from Jordan, some framed pictures from their trip here, and soap named "South of France" but is made in North Carolina! Still smells real nice. Thanks Sharon and Jordan.

Then on Friday Carla and I went out with some friends from the lab. Ethiopian food!

As if that wasn't enough celebration, Katie and Olivier held OctoBobby Fest at their house on Saturday night, for which she made "Ohma's Red Cabbage" and it was AWESOME! We had a little accordion music from me, Carla joined in and really made it musical, and then we had the most delicate silky cake! What a great four day birthday!

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