Thursday, October 8, 2009

Joyeux anniversaire, Bobby!

Today is Bobby's 34th birthday. Happy birthday, Bobby!

I would like to take a minute to reflect on the many accomplishments Bobby had during his 33rd year. The two major events were the completion of his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of California, Santa Barbara, and the start of a post-doc in France through Université Pierre et Marie Curie. Bobby also attended and presented his work at a number of conferences: in Alisomar, CA, SPARS in St. Malo, France, SMC in Porto, Portugal, and a conference in Madrid, Spain. Bobby has also given talks at universities and research labs around the world: UCLA in Los Angeles, Stanford in Palo Alto, Barelona, Spain, Berlin, Germany, Cambridge and University of Queen Mary in the UK, France TeleCom in Paris, and in Rennes, France.

Happy birthday Bobby! I can't wait to see what your 34th year bring you.

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