Monday, October 19, 2009


From Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon, I (Bobby) traveled to Copenhagen to interview for my first assistant professorship position! While I was extremely unprepared for the cold weather, I was comfortably confident for my interview on Friday afternoon. My seminar went well, and the following interview was more like a pleasant intellectual discussion than a test. (I don't know when I will hear about their decision, but Carla and I are hoping for the best since I was extremely impressed with their program.)

What is more, I ran into two friends from my Stanford days (1998-1999). Hopefully we will end up teaching and collaborating together until we are very, very old.

After the interview the department took us to have a traditional Danish dinner. The dish above was essentially fried side pork with mustard and potatoes, and some pickled beats.

And here is some roast beef with more potatoes, some cranberry sauce, and pickled pear. Both of these dishes were excellent, and combined with Danish beer the whole experience screamed satisfaction.

My friend Nick Collins --- who we have written about in previous posts during his visit to chez nous --- has his new book coming out very soon. The book cover above contains an image I created from my dissertation research! You can see above the superposition of the Wigner-Ville distributions of the atoms in a sparse approximation of an 80 ms segment of an electronic composition of my previous professor Curtis Roads. Congratulations Nick!

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