Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Visit (and snow)

Bobby and I have spent the past three Easters in Paris with our dear friends Kate and Olivier. Three years ago, we had recently moved to Paris. Two years ago, we flew back to Paris from Copenhagen to visit the newly born Iris (she was just three days old when we arrived!). Last year, we went back to France and spend the holiday in Lille (Northern France) with Olivier's family. This year, though, we broke with tradition. Kate and Iris visited us in Copenhagen and spent the Easter holiday enjoying the lovely Danish weather (a lot of sarcasm here, but we'll get to that later in the post). As usual when we get together with our best friend Kate and the lovely 2 year old Iris, we spent much of the long weekend eating, drinking, and having a great time. Iris is old enough now to help Auntie Carlita in the kitchen. Here Iris is whisking the eggs for our breakfast.

So, lovely Danish weather, eh? On Saturday morning, it snowed pretty hard for 4 solid hours! We haven't had any snow since February and it decides to snow in April?

After the 4 hour snowfall, the weather decided to clear. We took a walk around downtown Copenhagen, where the sky was beautiful, but the wind was arctic (literally).

We finally saw the Little Mermaid (lille havfrue in Danish) statue. Sorry to say, it was as disappointing as we were expecting.

Oh well, at least we've seen it, and Kate and Iris got to see a new part of Copenhagen.

After visiting the Little Mermaid, we took Iris to a park. The entire trip she kept asking to go down slides. She finally got her chance! Uncle Bobby, in true uncle fashion, showed her how to make it more fun by going down the slide head first. Of course Iris, who absolutely loves her Uncle Bobby, had to try it.

It didn't go well. The adults had a good laugh, but the crying that ensued after this photo was taken (by the mean Auntie Carlita, who laughs at every fall) was the end of the fun in the park.

When Easter day finally arrived, Iris got to go Easter egg hunting in the apartment! She had a lot of fun finding all the chocolate Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny (aka Uncle Bobby) hid. After her nap, she awoke to discover that the Easter Bunny had come back and re-hid all of her eggs!

After re-finding all of her eggs, we all went to outside to play on the play-set in our common yard.

Iris even found a few little flowers to pick and give to us. We last saw Iris in early December, when she and Kate visited us for a mini-Christmas. Seeing the developmental difference in Iris from just four months ago was amazing! In December, she was talking a bit, but it seems like she was just repeating sounds. This trip, she was actually communicating! She was playing in a very different way, she could better understand the things we said to her, her memory was 1000 times better (after showing her where the trash can was on the first day of the trip, she knew where it was and would put trash in it throughout the weekend!), and you could actually see her sitting and thinking. It's such a fantastic experience to see her grow, both physically and mentally, and to continue to be a part of her life.

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  1. hello! so glad to have found your blog! (it's eileen fyi)

    that slide portion reminded me of the time we went to the park near Francine's house and i ended up breaking my tailbone at the end of that slide. Maybe I could have spared myself had I gone head-first...