Friday, April 6, 2012

More painting

Since returning from Leuven, Bobby and I have been busy with more painting! We started with the guest room, or Mom's room. It used to look like this.

But now it looks like this! I really love the green color, which we choose to match the quilt Mom brought on her last visit.

Complete with new curtains, the room is warm, welcoming, and soothing with it's new paint.

We also repainted the music room. We originally painted this room back in January with a light blue color. However, I wasn't happy with the color. The room, which is quite large and has a lot of windows, looked too washed-out with the light blue. The music room is next to our dining room, which is a lovely bold blue, and it just didn't fit with the dining room. So we repainted!

With the gray color, the room looks much better next to the dining room.

I really love the cool gray. It reminds me of foggy winter days in Santa Barbara. You can almost taste the salt in the air (then again, maybe it's just the salty licorice we eat all the time...).

We decided to keep the nook the light blue color. We'll see how we feel about it over the next few weeks.

Do you see that patch of brown? That is what Bobby calls 'art'. He thinks this room should be our music and art room, so he decided to create the first art work for the room. We'll see how long it lasts once he leaves for London next week!

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