Friday, April 2, 2010

Bébé Iris Mulliez

We have arrived to Paris for this Easter holiday to greet our newest BFF: Iris Elena Kimberly Amour Mulliez (pictured, credits to Carla), whom we just call Iris because by the time you finish saying her whole name she is asleep. Katie and Olivier are of course the proud new parents, and are incredibly gracious in opening their home to us. We have been doing our best to help them out in their first week home with their daughter --- like we know what we are doing.

Here I show Olivier how to do some work while helping the baby. The baby takes one look at MATLAB and dozes off, kind of like Carla.

We are so happy to be in Paris, where the clothes are cheap(er than in Copenhagen). I finally bought some très chic black dress shoes, some shirts with white collars, and one pair of incredibly tight pants. Carla bought some cool shirts, and a few tank tops, which she can wear in Denmark come June. Here's staying positive. Our French is returning a bit, though Carla and I find ourselves saying "tak for i dag" instead of "merci beaucoup", and "undskyld" instead of "pardon." Before we went shopping for clothes, we stole ourselves to one of the eight local boulangeries in a two block radius, and had ourselves two tartes: rhubarb, and payssane (apples and cream). It was blissful eating them under the awning protected from the rain. Tomorrow we will head off to our old neighborhood to buy some tea, have two 1.60 Euro cafés cremes, buy some wonderful chocolates, and get me a 7 Euro hair cut.

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