Thursday, April 19, 2012

Minor Miracles

Today I (Carla) experienced two minor miracle. Number one: the scaffolding has finally been taken down from the front of our apartment building! We now finally have access to our balcony. Granted, it's not the best balcony in the world and we probably won't use it much, but I am really looking forward to using the south-facing space for growing some herbs!

Minor miracle number two: our key to the bicycle storage room (cykel k├Žlder) has finally been delivered! Mind you, we first requested this key in the middle of December. Four months, many angry phone calls, and one funny angry-letter-written-in-Danish-by-Bobby, later, we finally have received the key. I cant wait to put all of our bikes in the basement tomorrow. The poor things have had to stand outside during the entire winter. Rust, frozen gears, and soaking seats have been the bane of our bike existence for the last 4 months.

In other news, Bobby left on Monday for her 10 week stay in London. He's doing research at Queen Mary University and is so far enjoying his time. My weekdays are quiet and lonely, but fortunately I'll be able to see Bobby most weekends (it's especially nice because April-June is when all of the long weekends/state holidays occur in Denmark). I fly to London tomorrow night and can't wait to explore the city with Bobby.

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