Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Internet = No Posts!

We finally have reliable Internet access restored at our apartment, so our fun can begin again. To start things off, here is the tune of the month: Battle of the Somme.

Soon we will put up some pictures of Easter in Paris, our recent dinner where we helped cook for 21 people and entertained with music, and the Danish Queen's birthday celebration.


  1. Elizabeth and I really love keep up with your European adventures on this blog ... keep the accordion performances coming!

    BTW we'll be in Berlin at the end of May, and would love to come visit in Copenhagen if you're free.


  2. Really like the blog, keeps us up with you two. Sounds like your really enjoying the area. Did you ever get your Easter Card? Don't worry about the hair, there is always the corner drug store and Walla!!!! love you guys, nana and papa