Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cooking for Twenty-One from Ten Nations

On Wednesday, Carla and I helped cook dinner for a group of twenty-one foreigners and Danes. This is a group of people from various Danish language classes interested in meeting other foreigners and Danes. Carla made about 15 pounds of her wowatouille (ratatouille with some spice). Vahid from Iran made lamb kebabs, and Muhammed from Pakistan made five-alarm chicken biryani. It was all so delicious!

By 19h30, everyone had arrived and we began to chow down and have great conversations. The ten nationalities represented here are: Uzbekistan, Slovakia, Pakistan, Iran, India, Denmark, France, Burkina Faso, Costa Rica, and the USA. It was like the United Nations; the Coalition of the Willing to eat wowatouillie and incredibly spicy biryani.

Carla and I gave a small concert before dessert, playing our version of L'inconnu de Limoise.

Carla also made some excellent chocolate cake, which we served with ice cream. It was a great way to finish the evening!

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