Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter in Paris avec Tartes

So back to Easter in Paris, here is bébé Iris celebrating her first Easter with a big egg of chocolates that she kindly let the adults consume, i.e., those with big people stomachs.

We took a lovely walk to a nearby park, where Sacha (lower left corner, white, with beady eyes) nearly consumed a curious human toddler who quickly learned to run/dance and scream/sing.
Once we returned, we had an excellent dinner of cheese, sauccison, bread, wine, and a dramatic reading of two very recent journal issues in which my PhD work is published. Naps all around.

Our time in Paris would not be complete without a visit with Guillaume and Isabelle. After a wonderful lunch of crêpes, we took a walk to the blooming Parc Montsouris, which is very close to the apartment in which we lived summer 2007. Spring in Paris is so wonderful. Just look at that tree. And look at the white in my hair! Oh noes -- I am entering the Winter of my life.

And finally, Carla and I enjoyed two of the best tartes framboises (raspberry tarts) in Paris. If you are not prepared, this tarte will make you fall if you aren't already seated, and melt to the floor if you are already seated. Either way, you must be prepared. Or not.

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