Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lack of gum stimulation

Here I am standing in front of François-René Chateaubriand, the French writer (and politician) acknowledged as the founder of Romanticism in French Literature. To escape the violence of the French revolution he journeyed to North America (Louisiana) in 1791, and returned later the next year to the join the army---after which he was seriously wounded and then exiled to London when he became critical of "B." Napoleon (real name abbreviated to protect identity).

Well, long story short, I (Bobby) was born, went to school, gained some research acumen, and won a Chateaubriand Fellowship to support my work in France, after which time I might be exiled somewhere --- I think it's in the contract.

Speaking of "B." Napolean, here is a wonderful picture I snapped without even thinking about its composition. This obelisk (3,300 years old), located in the Place de la Concorde, was a gift from Egypt to France in 1833. Its delivery from Luxor took five years, but it would have taken 10 in the regular post.

This weekend we went to the Rodin Museum, where there are lovely gardens, and numerous famous sculptures.

Here The Thinker (originally intended to be The Poet after Dante) sits between wonderfully trimmed shrubs, while the dome of Invalides shines behind, but in front of a forming tempest. Under that dome is the tomb of "B." Napoleon, who was himself exiled (perhaps after a Chateaubriand fellowship).

We have gradually be getting settled in our new apartment. Here you can see a shelf for spices, and above it an entire shelf for teas and jams. Our next big project is painting.
What we don't have out here however, are gum stimulators. No one has heard of such a thing. All we have found instead are things that look like pipe cleaners for gappy teeth. My dentist is going to be testy.

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