Monday, April 20, 2009

Une amie a arrivé

As is required when anyone visits us, our friend Emily is shown above having arrived to Paris with a nice baguette.

We took a nice long walk from rue Legendre to Sacre Cœur, where we found throngs of tourists. Carla and I felt like we were in another country because we have gotten used to living in Paris off the trodden-track.
On our way back we found this humorous scene of a dog playing fetch, except here the owner would throw the ball up the street, the dog would catch it, and then drop it to roll down to the owner. They repeated this process many times.

In other news, Bob has a new computer at work. Its huge 24-inch screen hides his head quite well.

What is that? Bread? Butter? Halva? Some sort of Middle Eastern delicacy? No to all! It is soap; in particular it is savon d'Alepp, or soap of Alepp. As a general rule we don't talk about soap on blogs; but this stuff is special. It is quite possibly the oldest soap in the world. It comes from Aleppo Syria, and it has been made there the same way for at least 5000 years, and it is called the ancestor of all hard soaps in the world. It is made from olive oil, oil of laurel berry, and soda ash, or glasswort, and it makes showering in our kitchen all the more pleasant.

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