Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holiday baking

On Christmas Eve, Bobby and I made gingerbread men. Well, I made gingerbread men, while Bobby made some interesting figures. Maybe the gløgg we were drinking helped inspire Bobby on some of the more 'exotic' figures!
We had a nice set up. Armed with a rolling pin, lots of flour, gløgg, and some stylish aprons, we were ready to start the cookies! Below are some of the awesome cookies Bobby made.
Here is a gingerbread man riding a reindeer.
We will send you a little present if you can guess what this figure represents!
Not surprisingly, this is one of my favorites. A girl just can't say no to shoes!
I think Bobby misses California, where we often went surfing on Christmas Eve.
It's a giant squid!
What Christmas would be complete without an alien?
And finally, we have a self-portrait by Bobby, complete with a gap between the front teeth and a brain.

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