Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Preparations

As many of you already know, Bobby and I aren't that big into Christmas. In fact, at work, I (Carla) am referred to as either Grinch or the Nå-Såer (from a hilarious Danish Christmas tv program from 1991). I am not a very decoration-minded person in general (you can probably tell from my affinity for blank walls in the apartment), so the idea of having specific decorations for one holiday just doesn't suit me. However... my Mom is coming over for Christmas this year, and Mom LOVES Christmas. She came over last year too, and was so sad that we didn't have a tree or other decorations that she made a tree and ornaments from wrapping paper and taped them to the wall (you can see a bit of the wrapping paper tree in a photo from last year's post)! In fact, I completely forgot that she left several Christmas decorations with us last year until she reminded me on the phone yesterday that yes, I do indeed have stockings, and yes, I am expected to have them hanging when she arrives.
So up the few decorations have gone into the Christmas nook. Bobby surprised me with this little Christmas tree last week, and now it fits right in with the presents, stockings, and little knick-knacks.
Our most important holiday preparations, though, are chilling on the balcony!

Happy holidays to our family and friends around the world!

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