Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gifts! (Dad and Gloria version)

Bobby and I had a quiet Christmas day. After sleeping in til nearly 10:30, we enjoyed a pot of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese before heading into the music room to open some presents. We are saving most of our presents for the 27th, when we'll celebrate Christmas part 2 with Mom (she arrives on the 26th).
We decided to open our gifts from Dad and Gloria. We received a lot of wonderful and thoughtful gifts from them, including this really cool ornament! It could only be cuter if it was a tandem bike with a surfboard.
Dad sent a nearly life-sized photo of the beautiful stained glass he made for us. Bobby and I have a weird empty area above our fridge, so when Dad and Gloria visited in September, Dad took some measurements and promised to make something special for us. As you can see in the photo, the work Dad made has some of our favorite things: wine, cheese, and fruit! Thanks so much, Dad!
In addition to opening our gifts from Dad and Gloria, Bobby and I also opened one gift from each other. Bobby bought me a really unique bottle of Swedish gløgg with licorice in it. I bought Bobby 12 packages of Super Fighters licorice, his favorite (and extremely difficult to find) licorice.
Since we plan on celebrating our big Christmas with Mom, we decided to hold off on the traditional Danish Christmas dinner (which we'll have on the 27th) and instead went to our local shawarma place for dinner. This just might become a tradition for us! (Yes, my bangs are considerably shorter than the above photos. Don't worry, they'll grow back)
On a final note, I finished my last batch of truffles for the year. There are five different kinds pictured here: violet infused dark chocolate with candied violet (ones with the purple bits), white chocolate with raspberry (red ones), licorice chocolate with licorice and coco (light brown ones), lavender infused dark chocolate with vanilla (white ones), and mandarin orange infused chocolate with coco and pop rocks (dark ones in the upper right corner). These make great gifts, and it's been a lot of fun making them.

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