Sunday, February 21, 2010

Warmer Weather, and then not

On Saturday it was pleasantly warm here, reaching nearly 38º F; so we decided to visit the National Museum of Denmark --- which is FREE everyday.

Among their collections is a great showcase of native cold-weathering gear.
They also have a very good exhibit of Denmark's pre-history and origins in the Vikings (10th century) and long before, going back 14,000 years.

It was very common to sacrifice war booty to the gods by throwing it into bogs, like these bronze horns, called "lurs".

These humans skulls show signs of trepination, which is still used to this day to treat inter-cranial pressure differences, and personality disorders.

By the time we left the museum the temperatures had dropped to below freezing, so we quickly made our way home. Today we refuse to leave because it is 23 ºF.

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