Sunday, November 29, 2009

November Update

It has been a long couple of weeks without updates and we are sorry about that! Since that time:
  1. Carla flew back to California for her cousin's touching funeral, and then on the flight back to Paris met Buzz Aldrin.
  2. We have found a place to live in Copenhagen for the first six months of next year, and have found someone to take over our lease in Paris.
  3. I (Bobby) have been working extremely hard on a journal article summarizing the work I have accomplished in the post-doctorate position.
  4. I (Bobby) have cut Carla's hair.
  5. I (Bobby) have had my own hair cut (not by Carla).
  6. I (Bobby) have watched France use their hands to beat Ireland in the World Cup Qualifiers.
  7. Finally, I have found the grave of John Baptiste Joseph Fourier.

Can you believe the condition of this grave? One cannot even read "Fourier" in the stone. On top of this, being at the famous Cimetiere Père Lachaise, one would expect Fourier to be listed on the $2 tourist map of "Famous Frenchmen Buried in Cimetiere Père Lachaise", or even on the map posted at the entrances. Mais no! Mon dieu! Who or what is responsible for this "grave" oversight? It really is disheartening. (Thanks to Ashley for the photo!)

And finally, I found Rodin's bust of Gustav Mahler. The last time Carla and I went to the Rodin museum this was not here. But now it is and I have captured it looking at me. (Thanks to Ashley for the photo!)

Some people have mentioned, after seeing the summer a-little-less-than-blockbuster movie "The Soloist," that they could have sworn they saw Carla playing flute. Indeed that was her, and the evidence can be seen above. We recorded her screen time to about about 2.7 seconds through two panning shots. And because it exceeds 1.5 seconds, she is now a member of a guild!

I (Bobby) have also had the chance to go through some very old photos on my hard drives. The one above is so old I have to use "circa" to date it to 1996. To the right of me is my best friend Fil! We spent the entire day helping clean a bowling alley in Boulder Colorado for a rave. I am indeed wearing a dog chain as a wallet chain. And apparently I am drinking a Pepsi. Or is that a TAB?

Here is a fun photo! From early 1999 I am standing with Max Mathews at Stanford. We are holding two "radio batons" of his musical instrument.

Isn't it incredible how nature can be so cute and gross at the same time!?

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