Monday, November 30, 2009

Murder in the Woods

During the summer I found an ad on CraigsList from a composer looking for musicians to start a lounge music band. I replied to the ad and made plans to meet with the composer, Alexis Crawshaw. It turns out that Alexis and I went to UCSB together (I am a flute performance major, she as a composition major). Though we never had any classes together (Alexis is two years my junior), we have many mutual aquaintances. What a small music world, even here in Paris!

The band, called Murder in the Woods, has been rehearsing regularly since September. We had our first gig on November 3rd at the club/restaurant Le China. We opened for the band Venus Gets Even, which is the side-project of the lead singer for pop band Nouvelle Vague. The small club was packed and we had a great time. Here is a video of Murder in the Woods performing "Deconstruct Me," written by Alexis Crawshaw (lead singer).

You can also visit Murder in the Woods' MySpace page to hear more of our awesome songs! Click here.

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