Friday, May 22, 2009

A new paint job!

Here was our sejour, or living room. We had a mishmash of furnitures, and the walls were trying their hardest to be white, but the stains of decades were too much.

On one wall were these strange stickers added at some point as decoration. Pieces were peeling off the wall, but it just aren't our style. So we decided to do some Extreme Sejour Makeover, Paris Edition. Our landlady, Madame Casano, agreed to pay the costs in paint and supplies, and said we could paint whatever colors we wanted. So once we got some time we set right to it!

We chipped off the old paint where it was flaking, and then I sealed some holes in the walls with spackle, or maybe caulk. I don't know which. After letting it dry we sanded the spots, washed the walls, and walked to Castorama near Place de Clichy to buy our 2.5 liters of colorful paint --- which comes in a plastic container that looks like those that contain baby wipes. Once we returned home, and after a saussison sandwich, we set right to it.

We didn't have any big disasters, although when I first stepped off the ladder after our ceremonial first brush, my foot almost went in the paint diaper wipe bucket, and cracked the side of it so paint started spurting out onto the tarp we had luckily placed down to protect the wood floors. We quickly picked up the paint and set it in the pan, vowing then and there to be extremely careful around the paint bucket.

On the left is before, and on the right is after! Notice the baseboards, which we painted white for "good taste."

And we even did the ceiling a new white, which was difficult. Go Trojans!

Our Extreme Sejour Makeover, Paris Edition is complete! We painted the window area white so that it reflects the light into the room. I thought it would be cool to paint it silver, but that might have reflected a little too much light.

Next up: our chambre, or bedroom.

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