Saturday, May 30, 2009

And now for the Chambre

Today we painted the chambre --- or bedroom.

The walls were extremely dirty, so it was about time they be freshened.

We first chipped some of the old paint, and then washed the walls and ceiling.

I got out the spackle and sealed some of the dents, holes, and cracks.

While the spackle was drying, I started painting the ceiling. Like the previous room, we made the ceiling white. I applied two coats this time, and used a small roller so that it would be as even as possible. Once I was done with the ceiling, the spackled areas were ready for sanding and a final washing.

Carla did the details while I taped and got out the big roller. We applied two coats to the walls for a nice thick color.

Et voila! We have a blue room to complement our green room! Actually, the name of the blue color is "piscene", which is French for "pool".

The tile splash does not fit now, but I am not about to pull that off the wall and replace it.

Carla sits at the bureau appearing to do some work. Notice how nice the line is between the wall and the ceiling. I learned that after painting the edge with tape applied, one should not wait to pull the tape off. This creates a nice straight line.

Here is a view of our blue room and our green room.

Next is the hallway! And for that we will be sticking with white.

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