Sunday, October 6, 2013

China hutch

 Our home improvement bug has yet to flitter away. After scouring Den Blå Avis (, the Danish equivalent to CraigsList), we found this awesome china hutch (vitrineskab in Danish). The original owners bought it new two years ago from a fancy design shop in Copenhagen and it is in perfect condition. It's also a heavy SOB, which makes me happy since that means it's a solid piece of furniture (no offense Ikea). Luckily for us, the original owner had a car and was kind enough to rent a trailer, so he delivered it to our apartment! He and Bobby carried the two halves up while I carried the shelves. It's really nice to have a hutch where we can display our wine glasses and alcohol collection, plus have the storage space for our serving linens, candles, and other odds and ends.
This black piece is what we used to use for a hutch. It has now be relegated to the front entrance, where it stores our winter hats and gloves, ping pong paddles, and umbrellas.

Hurray for new furniture!

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