Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fresh coat of paint

Back in March, Bobby and I started hosting paying guests through the awesome site AirBnB (you can find our listing here). Since then, we've had at least 40 different sets of guests. It's been a lot of fun meeting all of these different people and learning about their different cultures (we've had guests from all over Europe, the US, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand). With so much use, the guest room was starting to look a bit... used. There were grease marks from people's head on the wall behind the bed and hand marks on another wall. So in between guests last week we touched up the room a bit. I've been a bit bothered by the color of the room for some time now. I really like the green color, but it was just too much to have it on every wall. So we decided to paint one wall dark brown, and we applied some fresh green paint where needed. You can see the initial results in this photo.

After a day, we decided we weren't mad about the brown color, but we had some guests coming in soon so we couldn't re-paint it a different color right away. We asked our guests what they thought of the color, and one of them said, 'It would look better if you had something on the wall to break up the color.'
 So we took her advice! We have had this giant world map sitting around for over a year (we found it in the trash at our university). We decided to try hanging it to see if it would look good and make the room look nicer. We're quite pleased with the results!
Bobby and I tend to go a bit wild once we start painting; we don't usually do just one project. True to form, we decided to paint the exposed wall in our master bathroom. The previous color was a yucky yellowish-brownish blah that made the bathroom seem really dark.
Now it's this much better white! It lightens up the room a bit, but best of all, it makes it look much cleaner.

Our next project to our bedroom. In November we are planning on replacing all of the closets, paint the entire room, and re-arrange the furniture. I can't wait!

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