Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some new apartment stuff

In the month of September, we added a few things to the apartment. One of our friends moved into a smaller place, so he sold us this sofa bed and a coffee table for the nook. I was really happy to get rid of the old couch (it was so ugly that I can't find a single photo of it... I have been avoiding photos of it, I guess), which had come with the apartment and was such an eyesore. This 'new to us' couch is perfect for the music room! I think the color looks nice against the grey walls, and it's nice to have yet another sleeping option for guests.
Here is the coffee table, which fits perfectly in the nook.
We also got a new TV table for the dining room. Again, it looks so much better than the old stand (pictured here) we were using. It's also nice to have a way to hide all of the cords.
When Dad and Gloria visited, they bought us some really nice house warming gifts! Gloria bought us 8 wine glasses, which was great because we were down to only 3 of the cheap Ikea ones. Our new glasses, which you can see here, are designed and made by a Danish company. Dad bought us the lovely kitchen island pictured here. It is so nice to have the extra counter space, and I love that the island is mobile. In this picture, two of Bobby's birthday cakes sit on top of the island.

Bobby and I also bought a new washing machine, which isn't pictured because it's hard to take a nice photo of a washing machine in a bathroom. Our old one, which came with the apartment, died quite violently and unexpectedly. Though the unexpected cost of a new machine wasn't fun, it is really nice to have a good, modern, reliable machine.

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