Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bobby's birthday lunch/Meal of a lifetime!

Bobby had a birthday on Monday! On the day of, we had a nice meal at home, shared with friends Leah, Flemming, and their awesome son James. Leah and Flemming, who you may remember from when we visited them last March, were in Copenhagen for an appointment at the American embassy. It was so nice to meet James and to have friends help celebrate Bobby's special day. The day after Bobby's birthday was also a really special day: we had lunch at Noma, the world's #1 restaurant! I made the reservation in June, and am still amazed that I was even able to get a reservation!
Our lunch, which took 4 1/2 hours, consisted of 20 different course (not including the 3 little desserts we had with coffee) and 7 different wines (of which we had multiple glasses). Our first course was this edible centerpiece!
Another course included the mind-blowingly-delicious pig skin with a black currant topping, reindeer moss, and a mussel with an edible shell.
All of the courses were not only delicious, but beautifully plated. This little plate of salads, edibles flowers, herbs, and compound butter was added to a hot pan with an eggs (the dish called 'The Hen and the Egg').
I was constantly smelling everything and asking questions about the various ingredients. The waiters were unbelievably knowledgeable about everything on the menu, from the way a dish was prepared to what the oil was infused with to the very time and place where the fresh herbs were picked!
Here is the menu of our meal. This was a truly amazing and special experience. One might call it a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I don't want to say that because I hope to go back to Noma one day!

Happy birthday, my darling Bobby! May we share many more once-in-a-lifetime experiences together, and may we share them more than just once.

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