Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend trip to Århus

Two weekends ago, Bobby and I got to visit our friends Leah and Flemming in the Danish city Århus. Leah and I went to USC together. She plays clarinet and is currently playing with the Århus Symphony. Her husband Flemming (they just got married a few days ago, congrats Leah and Flemming!!) is a French horn player in the symphony. We've seen them many times in Copenhagen, so it was finally our turn to visit them in Århus. Århus is the second largest city in Copenhagen (Odense is third, and Aalborg is 4th), with just over 300,000 people living there. We took a lovely 2 hour bus ride through the Sjælland (the name of island on which Copenhagen sits) countryside and a 75 minute ferry ride to Jutland (the name of the peninsula which connects to continental Europe) and landed in Århus.

While Leah attended a rehearsal and Flemming practiced, Bobby and I visited the new ARoS Museum, which has a large collection of modern art. The rainbow panorama at the top of the building offered a spectacular, multi-hued view of the city.

When you're inside the panorama and looking inwards, you look through clear glass.

But when you turn around and face outwards, your view of the city changes in color. It was a really beautiful affect.

Aside from the panorama, the museum had a fantastic collection of art. In the basement is this large sculpture of a boy. I like to call this photo 'Bob's Big Boy'.

We were lucky enough to see Leah perform with the symphony. She player Mozart's Requiem, which was accompanied by a very large, yet surprisingly good, volunteer choir. The 200 plus singers filled the hall with a beautiful sound. It was a really fun concert to attend and it was great seeing Leah in action!

We also got to see Flemming perform, though the setting was quite... different. Flemming had a gig at the local university playing for an 18th century masquerade ball! Though the orchestra didn't have to dress in period pieces, most of the guests did!

I never knew I could feel so out place by not wearing a wig...

On Sunday, we took a nice stroll through different parts of Århus. In this area, near to where Leah and Flemming live, there were many old little brick houses, each painted a different color. It was very quaint.

We also got to see a few hints that spring is, indeed, on its way. Our weather was a bit spotty over the weekend, but at least the temperatures were above freezing and it didn't rain on us. For Denmark, that's nearly a miracle!

On the last stretch of our walk, along the harbor, we came upon this bizarre sight. This is a tree where children come to give up there old pacifiers. It must be a right of passage for growing Danish children, and Bobby and I have seen the same thing in Copenhagen.

The tree looks a bit odd from a distance, but I think it's actually quite charming up close. Many of the bags of pacifiers had little notes, written by children, thanking the pacifiers for their help, but stating that the child no longer has need of it. All in all, we had a lovely time in Århus visiting our lovely friends Leah and Flemming. We can't wait to see them again!

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