Sunday, March 4, 2012

An anniversary and a new toy

March 1st marked the 3 year anniversary of Bobby and I living abroad. We've had some amazing experiences over the last three years: we've lived in 5 different apartments in two different countries; we've become 'home' owners; Bobby has gone from post-doctorate to assistant professor; we've conversed in (very basic) French and (slightly more complex) Danish; we've traveled to Scotland, England, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and Italy; we picked up and quickly fell in love with tandem bicycle riding; and have had many culinary adventures. Cheers to the last three years and hurrah to the next three!

We have finally purchased a decent TV for our lovely apartment. We purchased this 46" flat screen and 'walked' it home on our tandem. It was a bit awkward walking it the 1 kilometer home, but we made it in one piece and feel it was worth the effort. Our old TV wasn't digital and therefore only received about 10 channels. Our new one gets over 30 channels, including 4 different Discovery and National Geographic channels. This will make my time alone in Copenhagen when Bobby is in London that much easier.

Next weekend we are off to Århus for a weekend with friends. We can't wait to visit a new place in Denmark and see our friends!

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