Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Friendly Visit

Our good friend Caitlin visited us last weekend! Caitlin and I (Carla) went to UCSB together, where we played in several flute ensembles together and became good friends. Caitlin and her husband have recently become ex-pats; they live in Switzerland, where Caitlin's husband is a researcher at a university (sounds familiar, yes?). On Thursday night, we all went to the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra. As you can see in our photo, we had seats behind the orchestra. It was very interesting to see the conductor at work, though the acoustics were terrible for the Prokofiev 1st Piano Concerto. The highlight of the concert, though, was the Gorecki 3rd Symphony. It is an incredibly moving piece.

Friday was a relaxing day. I came home early from work, and Caitlin made an awesome potato leek soup for our lunch. Bobby and Caitlin also practiced accordion together. Caitlin has purchased an Alpine button accordion (no pictured here), so she had fun playing some of Bobby's accordions.

On Saturday, we had a Mexican Fiesta! Poor Caitlin hasn't had Mexican food since she moved to Europe. We invited my office mate Kamilla to join us for dinner since she has never had real salsa (can you imagine that?!). We started the evening with a little entertainment... tandem rides for our guests! Both Caitlin and Kamilla enjoyed their ride with Bobby. Unlike me, they didn't feel the need to scream the entire first minute...

After dinner, we continued the entertainment with a group accordion session! We had a lot of fun playing together until a neighbor knocked on our door and asked us to keep the noise down. Who knew 4 simultaneously played accordions could be so loud?

All in all, it was a great long weekend with Caitlin. Thanks for visiting, Caitlin! We look forward to seeing you soon in Switzerland!

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