Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our New Apartment

Within hours of our return to Denmark, we moved into our new apartment. Our name was already on the board of occupants. Suddenly our last names appear so foreign! Our new address is

Vangedevej 222A
2870 Dyssegård, DENMARK

We have an awesome amount of space -- I would say nearly twice the size of the previous apartment we rented. And now we are paying half the price in rent! Plus I am only two zones away from work, rather than 4. Above, Carla unpacks some kitchen stuff kindly donated by the previous tenants.

The bathroom cabinets have enough space for all of the cold medicine Carla's mom sent us... which continues to be of use with our current colds from Paris.

We even have a porch for my hipster self to drink Akvavit -- the national drink of Denmark.

In addition to our porch furnishings, we have found all of the things seen in the picture above on the side of the street: a wire paper tray, an antique rødbrød slicer, two working lamps, a phone, a clock radio, the 1909 Danish version of Uncle Tom's Cabin, a wood chair, a beach chair, a desk, a pink (not for too much longer) coffee table, a rug, and two book shelves. We also found two cool jackets. We are now patrolling the streets for a clothes drying rack, baskets for our bicycles, and every other thing we can use.

Since we furnished our living room so cheaply, we splurged and bought a bed new. Carla and I aren't so enthusiastic about searching for a bed on the side of the road.

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