Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our final 4 days in Paris

We were happy to return to Paris from Porto and have a few days more to spend with our friends. Bébé Iris was so pleased to see us return!

Katie and Ollie, and their smiling dog Sacha, took us on a lovely picnic in Puteaux.

I brought the old squeezebox and played while sitting on one of the giant plastic rabbits in the park.

With my lovely new hat, and skinny jeans, I have become a hipster.

I drew some beautiful portraits of bébé Iris. Katie and Ollie were so umpressed!

Guillaume and Isabelle had us over for a lovely dinner of homemade paella -- all prepared in their newly refinished kitchen. We even got to try some of Guillaume's new favorite cheese, munster -- which he described as not unlike tasting the back of a tramp's pants. Carla and I both agreed, and much amusement ensued. We can add this to our list of "worldly things we profess to have eaten and survived."

Our time at Katie and Ollie's was so excellent that we did not mind the fact that one of their cats peed all over Carla's shoes -- which we realized only when we have sat down on the airplane and asked, "Is that you?" We also didn't mind the nearly 8 hour apéro/hostage crisis. We look forward to seeing them again and watching Iris grow even more! I am trying to teach her to say, "More accordion please Bobby. Don't listen to what the others say."

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  1. The apéro hostage crisis is still a bitter taste in my mouth...we miss you guys a lot already!
    Also, thanks for posting this photo where I look like a gray whale. :)
    Keep it real !