Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Picnic

This post should have been titled "Saturday Picnic", but Saturday's rainy weather prevented us from celebrating Denmark's Labor Day. Bobby and I had initially planned on picnic-ing in Fælledparken, where many Danes celebrate Labor Day by listening to political speeches and music. Sadly, it rained most of Saturday, so we postponed our picnic to today. Instead of going to Fælledparken, we took our lunch to The Lakes. On this beautiful, if a bit windy, Sunday, we sat by the southern most of the five lakes, Sankt Jørgens Sø (Saint George's Lake) and enjoyed a picnic of home-made bread, three kinds of cheeses, chorizo, and chips and home-made salsa. We look forward to having many more picnics this summer... we are too pale and need the sunlight!

And here is a music video Carla shot at the lake:

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