Friday, December 18, 2009

White Wonderland

There is snow in Paris! Yesterday we received the first snowfall of winter. We woke up to discover everything covered in white. With the temperature at 25 degrees Fahrenheit (or -4 degrees Celcius), we carefully made our way around Paris. By 3 pm, the temperature started to rise, hovering in the high 30s. By 9 pm, most of the had melted, leaving the city quite wet. However, we woke up today to discover another layer of snow! Here are some photos of the Eiffel Tower, the view from our window, and the view from Bobby's lab's window.

This cold weather has allowed us to use some of our Christmas presents (don't worry, we were told to open them early). My Dad gave me the awesome, super warm, goose down filled winter jacket, and my Mom gave me the rubber soled boots. I wore them both yesterday and stayed both warm and dry. Thanks, Mom and Dad! We also used the camera Dad gave to Bobby as a Christmas present to take some of these photos. Sadly, our camera broke after our Rome trip. Dad was getting bored with our photo-less blog posts, so he bought us a fantastic Canon, 12.1 mega pixel, digital camera. Thanks, Dad! Here is a photo of the rest of our Christmas presents, which we are waiting to open for Christmas day.

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