Monday, August 17, 2009

A Staycation

We tried to get to Colorado yesterday, but the completely booked flights and our low boarding priority created a perfect storm of several airport espressos and a long metro ride back to chez nous on a hot Parisian day. We didn't even try today because the loads did not look good again; but tomorrow may be the day.

So we decided on having a "staycation" today. And one of the results of that is another video! Our last video garnered so many positive responses that we decided to make another. This one we learned from this excellent YouTube video by Jananderss, and Carla and I arranged it together, with a bit of modulation to and from the fifth! (I know I need to learn to better separate the quick notes.)

If you cannot tell, we are both wearing USC Trojan gear -- which was not planned at all. We are not that kind of couple. Just happened that way today. On our staycation.

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