Sunday, June 28, 2009

Monday Berlin, Wednesday London, Thursday Cambridge

Friday, the world? I don't know, but the state it is in now, I don't think I want it. Just kidding, just kidding. How are you all doing tonight? Good?

So tomorrow morning very early, I (Bobby) fly to Berlin and within a few hours of landing I present my research to several speech and audio engineers at Deutsch Telekom Laboratories. Then that night my host Georg is giving a small concert of a mobile phone orchestra. This is a music group where each individual wields a cellular telephone that acts as a musical instrument. Check out the Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra, cutely named MoPho.

I fly back on Tuesday afternoon, and then get to take the train to London to repeat my presentation --- but that is another note on another day.

Here is an absolutely wonderful treat: a wedge of warmed brie cheese topped with fig jam.

One of the nice things about Paris is that so many famous people have died here. We recently took a stroll through the Montmarte cemetary, not more than 10 minute walk from our flat. We came across the grave of Nadia Boulanger, one of the most influential teachers/composers of the last century.

And of course, Berlioz's bones are a must-see too. I was hoping for a more elaborate grave, with witches and skeletons beating on tympanum.

Finally, a final picture we took in St. Malo in April. Someone added the surfer at top. But in less than 22 days we will be surfing in the Atlantic off the coast of Porto, Portugal! Ce sera super bon!

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