Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today is our wedding anniversary! Four years ago today we were married in Glendale, California in front of many friends and family members. Tomorrow we celebrate our four year leaving-for-our-honeymoon-anniversary. Okay, we don't actually celebrate that, but it is fun to think back to our three week honeymoon, which included a two week driving tour of the Republic of Ireland and one week in the Czech capitol Prague.

Bobby and I aren't exactly mushy romantics. We enjoy going out to dinner for our anniversary, but we have never exchanged gifts. This year, however, Bobby broke with tradition and got me a present: a bag of dirt! I am very excited about my first anniversary present. Our little window-sill garden needs dirt.

We also decided to stay in for our anniversary dinner this year (if only our anniversary fell after payday...). After coming home from volunteering at the library, Bobby surprised me with Thai Basil Chicken! He did the grocery shopping, cooking, and even picked the Thai basil from our plant. Followed with the customary arugula/beet/walnut salad, we capped off a great meal with a nectarine and a mango. Yummy!

Happy anniversary Bobby!

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