Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gifts! (Mom version)

Christmas part 2 began when my Mom arrived from the States. After a long day of traveling, Mom arrived on the 26th armed with a lot of presents. We declared the 26th Christmas Eve and enjoyed a nice spread of appetizers before putting Mom to bed. After waking up on the 27th, our Christmas part 2 began!
Now that we've grown up but don't yet have kids of our own, we are able to take things a little easy on Christmas morning. After sleeping in, we enjoyed a breakfast of eggs benedict before heading into the music room to open our presents. In true Townsend fashion, we first popped open a bottle of champagne before digging into our stockings.
One of the gifts we got Mom was this huge box of chocolates! That's a full kilo/2.2 lb of chocolate! We have no idea how she's going to take it back home.
My maternal grandparents bought these golf club covers for Bobby. By grandfather is a big UCLA fan, so it was must have been very difficult for him to purchase these USC covers!
Mom gave me this beautiful bag. I was very excited to receive such a nice gift! I have promised Mom that I will never ever check this bag in for a flight; it's a carry-on only.
Bobby bought this candle for Mom. We'll let you guess what it is.
We bought this gift for Mom in Japan. It's a lucky raccoon. It's also an anatomically correct raccoon. We think this will be a nice compliment to Mom's garden gnome collection.
Though we have had the heat on just for Mom, she still manages to freeze in our apartment. Bundled up on the couch, she was claiming it was 10 C/50 F inside the apartment. Even though we showed her on this gauge that it was 22 C/72 F, she refused to believe it. At least we have photographic evidence!
On a sad note, Mom's new phone was stolen on the bus. On our way from the airport, she was pick-pocketed by a guy who looks like this. We contacted her phone company and bank right away, so the robbers can't access any of her personal information. We also notified the police and sent them Bobby's sketch. Thought we don't have much hope for getting her phone back, we hope the guys who took it get caught.

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  1. You all had a very nice Christmas. I am glad you all could celebrate together...Happy New Year!!! I hope yo have more champagne!
    Sharon, take good care and let's try to 'catch up' when yo get back. I hope it warms up or you ;) Jeannie