Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Christmas in Los Angeles

Bobby and I spent the holidays in the States this year. For the last few years, we've remained in Denmark for the holidays, so it was a nice break to be in sunny, warm California to celebrate. And, of course, it was wonderful to see so much family during our time in the States. We got to spend several days with Dad and Gloria in beautiful Manhattan Beach. We saw movies, took a walk along the beach, did some holiday shopping, and drank and ate well! I even got to go to a Clipper's game, which was a ton of fun.
On Christmas Eve, we hung out with my brother Jordan, Dad and Gloria, and Gloria's daughter Stacy and her boyfriend Safder. It was really nice spending time with everyone: we had a great meal, played board games, and played Christmas music on Gloria's player piano.
Christmas day was spent at Mom's house. She was such a sweetheart decorating the tree with Danish flags!
It was such a warm Christmas: 28 C/82 F! Bobby and I didn't have any of the right clothes for such warm temperatures. We had to roll up our pants and shirt sleeves, and I had to borrow flip flops from Mom! Flip flops, in December! It was a little embarrassing to show off our lovely Danish winter skin color...
Bobby's favorite gift was probably the time he got to spend with everyone's dogs. Here he's holding Gigi (on the left with the pink bow, my Mom's dog) and Chloe (the scared-looking chihuahua, my Aunt Gwen's dog). Not pictured was Chewy, another poodle (my Grandparents' dog).
Christmas dinner was wonderful: Papa cooked crab legs and prime roast! So many people were able to attend dinner: Nana and Papa, Great Aunt Gwen, Aunt Marlene and Uncle Dave, Cousin Christina, Brother Jordan, 2nd Cousin Bobby and his wife Cathy and their youngest son, plus Mom, Bobby, and myself. 2nd Cousin Leslie and her partner Carol were even able to stop by later in the evening. Good thing Papa cooked plenty of food!
Speaking of food... whenever we go back to LA, there are several places that we absolutely must visit for the awesome food. Here you have the fish tacos from Wahoo's, plus the awesome hot sauce Gringo Bandito. Just looking at this meal makes me hungry. Too bad there isn't a Wahoo's in Copenhagen!
We try to eat as much good Mexican food as possible when in California. Here you have the great meal we shared at La Super Rica in Santa Barbara. This was one of Julia Child's favorite places to eat, and I can understand why. I think there are three things I really miss about living in California: my family; warm weather (minus the summer weather... way too hot); and the awesome (and relatively cheap) variety of authentic food from many different cultures.

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